During and after the quarantine period due to the Covid -19 emergency, it emerged that, with forced cohabitation, cases of domestic violence and abuse in the family have increased.

Several psychologists, psychiatrists and lawyers have found an increase in family conflicts, as can be seen, also, unfortunately, from the numerous cases in the news.

Domestic violence is a very widespread phenomenon that concerns all forms of psychological, physical, sexual abuse aimed at emotionally controlling a person who is part of the family.

It can bring serious consequences, as well as from a physical point of view, also psychological in the life of those who suffer it: women and children in the first place – as, usually, weak subjects – but also men. According to recent jurisprudence, when this behavior is repeated, when the abuse is systematic and continuous, the crime of abuse in the family is configured.

Pursuant to Article 572 of the Italian Criminal Code, “whoever (…) mistreats a person of the family, or in any case cohabiting, or a person under his authority or entrusted to him for reasons of education, instruction, care, supervision or custody, or for the exercise of a profession or an art, is punished with imprisonment from three to seven years. The penalty is increased up to half if the offense is committed in the presence or to the detriment of a minor person, of a woman in a state of pregnant or a person with a disability.

In such cases, it is imperative to seek immediate help from the authorities.

In Italt there are several services offered, first of all the dedicated telephone number 1522, in addition to the numbers 112 and 113.

To ensure maximum accessibility to the emergency response of the State Police, the YouPol application was also recently updated, which now also provides for the possibility of reporting domestic violence crimes with the same methods and characteristics as other types. signaling.

Designed to combat bullying and drug dealing in schools, the app is characterized by the ability to transmit messages and images to State Police operators in real time.

The reports are automatically geo-referenced, but it is possible for the user to change the place where the events occurred. It is also possible from the app to call the NUE directly and where it is not yet active, operations room 113 of the Police Headquarters will answer. All reports are received by the Operations Room of the Police Headquarters responsible for the area.

It is also possible to report anonymously for those who do not want to register by providing their data.

Even those who have been direct or indirect witnesses can report the fact to the police authority, sending a message including photos and videos.

The application, born from the firm belief that every citizen is a responsible and active part in the democratic life of the country, can be easily installed on all smartphones and tablets by accessing the platforms for the IOS and Android.

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