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Citizienship income/basic income in Italy, also for foreigners

by Serena Minervini In Italy the long-awaited decree on "citizenship income" (basic income) has finally been approved. The provision was passed by decree law by the Council of Ministers on 17 January. Starting from April, therefore, households that are in a situation of economic difficulty and meet the requirements, will benefit from an income [...]

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Sexual harassment at work

by Serena Minervini Article. 2087 c.c. protects the moral personality of the worker. It is read in the device that "the entrepreneur is required to adopt in the exercise of the enterprise the measures that, according to the particularity of the job, the experience and the technique, are necessary to protect the physical integrity [...]

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What are the documents necessary for separation and divorce in Italy?

The first fulfillment that must be carried out, in case of will to proceed with separation or divorce, in joint or judicial form, or through the new assisted negotiation procedure, is the collection of the documents necessary for this purpose. The collection of documents is usually carried out by the parties personally, otherwise there [...]

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Attribution of the family house

A topic of great interest and relevance, in Italy, especially in light of the reflections on the contents of the bill on shared custody, is the attribution of the right to remain in the marital home, given the strong economic value associated with the purchase of the same and the consequences on the organization [...]

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The family bullying

In recent years, having increased the attention, in doctrine, on the violation of the inviolable rights present within the family, there has been discussion on the possibility of transplanting the cases of bullying in the family. To this end, it has been noted that there are no obstacles from a thematic point of view, [...]

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Specific prohibitions to buy

For some individuals with special roles, as required by italian law, there is a prohibition to buy. And so, according to the art. 1471 of the italian Civil Code: "They can not be buyers even at the public auction, either directly or through a third party: 1) administrators of the assets of the State, [...]

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The repair of judicial error and unjust detention

The reparation of judicial error and unjust imprisonment are the expression of a principle of legal civilization, also foreseen in the major International Conventions, according to which the State is obliged to indemnify those who have been harmed in their fundamental rights during the course of a criminal proceedings. The two arrangements aim to [...]

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The revocation of the testament

One of the main characteristics of the testament is its unconditional and indispensable revocability until the moment of death (under penalty of nullity, pursuant to Article 458 of the Civil Code). This option is granted to protect the freedom to test, one of the cardinal principles in succession matters. We have different methods through [...]

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